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The Multi-Orgasmic Man

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  • How to create the ‘Multi-Orgasmic Body’ so that you can vastly increase your sexual fitness, endurance and a powerful expression of male sexuality that every woman craves.
  • The underlying, most essential key in becoming MO and how to expand your range as a lover—not knowing this is the #1 thing that prevents almost every man from enjoying the deep pleasure of becoming Multi-Orgasmic and expressing his full pleasure potential.

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Hi! I’m Sol Sebastian, founder of the Alchemy of Man Project, and the best decision I ever made was to let go of the limiting attitudes we have towards sex and to tap into something much more fulfilling.

Most of us leave our sex life purely to fate and quickly give up when things don’t go as expected. Yet if we only understood a few key principles, we’d all have the sex life we truly desire.

This is within your reach and I want you to have it.

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I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

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A word from Doug Abrams,
co-writer of The Multi-Orgasmic Man…

“Many men in todays world are waking up and are yearning to get more out of love, life, and in particular, how they show up sexually.

This was certainly an area that I wanted to understand more, and like many other men, I turned to the East to see what wisdom the ancients had to offer.

Writing the book “The Multi Orgasmic Man” with Mantak Chia was one step in my journey of discovery and was intended to bridge this sometimes very esoteric language into something much more accessible to all men.

As these teachings are never static—being continually forged by time and experience—I have come across many other teachers who also have a lot to say on the subject of Male sexuality.

One such man is Sol Sebastian, who I feel is completely aligned with the higher purpose of this work, which fundamentally is the liberation and evolution of Man in all of his faculties, not just in the bedroom, but in how he does life as a whole.

I feel that it is Sol’s true Dharma (or true nature) to lead men in this area and it is this reason that I have aligned with him in helping the Multi-Orgasmic teachings continue to evolve.

His knowledge is extensive, and his embodiment of the work speaks for itself. I am fully confident that you will be truly served and empowered by Sol’s wisdom & insights.

So dive in, go deep, and explore the full potential of what it is to be a man, a lover, a true spiritual warrior and seeker of life in it’s highest expression.

With love and gratitude for all of you men who want to take life to the next level.”

Doug Abrams.
author the Multi-Orgasmic Man, The Lost Diary of Don Juan, and more…